How Much Does it Cost to Use a Shuttle?

For Houston residents, Galveston provides the perfect get away from home. It’s only a couple of hours away from the city and provides a great ocean and attractions that are fit for a king or a queen. But, what if you want to visit Galveston without a vehicle? It’s possible thanks to a galveston to houston shuttle rental.

Renting a shuttle helps you get to Galveston where you can enjoy your time on the island and participate in a variety of fun activities. Water sports, fishing, kayaking, biking, hiking, shopping, and dining are some of the things that you will want to enjoy in the area. There’s also lots of scenery that you want to have the camera ready for.

Shuttles operate on a regular basis so it is easy to get when you are going wherever you are ready to go. It’s great for people who plan those last-minute trips! And, return service is available so you are not stranded on the island. How horrible of an end to an amazing vacation would that be?

But how much money will it cost to rent a shuttle? There are many factors that affect the costs of the shuttle rental. This includes the time of the day you want to travel, the day of the week, and the shuttle company chosen to make the trip. Rest assured that shuttle rental costs are reasonable, especially considering the fun that is in store when you arrive.

galveston to houston shuttle

Galveston shuttle rental is a great transportation service for anyone who is ready to explore the island without taking their own personal vehicle.  What better to do with your time in Texas? Rest assured the costs are reasonable, especially considering how easy it easy to rent.